Asia Pacific

Asia is the world’s richest, most diverse continent. In Asia, you can select from party islands to chill out islands, dive islands to fishing islands, picturesque waterfalls to snow-capped mountains, stunning white sandy beaches to active volcanoes, ancient cities to dense jungles, fascinating Buddhist cultures to easy going rural life styles.One thing is for sure, travelling to Oceania won’t be a lazy holiday! There are plenty of reasons to keep active. It’s made up of Australia, New Zealand, and the other many islands in the Pacific Ocean. The countries of Oceania benefit from some gorgeous scenery. It also home to very diverse landscapes, from rugged coastlines to cultural mountains, active volcanic islands to glaciers and alpines, desserts to rain forests, most remote and culturally isolated islands to worlds most cosmopolitan cities and New Zealand has the most endemic species of birds anywhere in the world. So, why you are waiting for!

Middle East

Year around sun shine, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, desert safaris, high-end shopping. There is so much to enjoy in the Middle East you’ll need more than one holiday here to make the very most of the destination.

The Middle East is that part of Western Asia extending from the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey and Syria, through the desert to Iraq and Arabia, and to the East through Iran to the Caspian, the Caucasus, and the Black Sea. Into Africa, it includes Egypt, and, by some accounts, Arab North Africa. This area comprises mountains, deserts, fertile plains irrigated by grand rivers, and seacoasts. Climatically, the Middle East ranges from the temperate Mediterranean coast, to the extreme heat of the arid desert areas, to snowy mountains. This variety of terrain produces a wide range of food ingredients. Islam is the majority religion in the Middle East and enters into the constitution of many of its cultural elements, including food and drink.

Middle East in the other hand is the luxurious, moneyed new face of the hospitality industry, perhaps one of the best-known aspects of Middle Eastern travel. It is in many ways a reflection of the United Arab Emirates’ success as a thriving business hub. The region defined as the “Arab States” contains 74 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the region is densely packed with holy sites for several religions. Not surprisingly Saudi Arabia, home to Mecca and Medina leads in the religion’s religious tourism. Pilgrimage to Mecca is the fifth pillar of Islam and Israel also benefits from religious tourism.