South America

The most exciting continent on the planet – if you are jaded or bored with life, it’s the place to go!If you like to move your body and find your rhythm, South America is the ideal place. This is one of the world’s great music destinations, nothing compares to hearing the rhythms of Colombian salsa, Brazilian samba, Argentine tango and Andean folk music in the place where they were born. It is a super colourful continent, where the cities are just as colourful as the jungles.South America offers stunning scenery, exotic wildlife, rich cultures, European languages, colonial churches, wines and coffee, football and secular politics. No continent has a more fascinating political history, filled with revolutions, wars for independence and larger than life characters like Che Guevara and Evita. It is also the home of hyperbole with the world’s highest waterfall – Angel Falls in Venezuela, the world’s largest river by volume – the Amazon, not to mention the largest rainforest – the Amazon rainforest, residing on the same continent as the world’s driest desert – the Atacama Desert. The Andes – the longest mountain range on earth, Beautiful islands – The Galapagos islands off Ecuador are renowned for the tame wildlife and Easter island in the remote Pacific off Chile is famous for its carved head statues with mysterious origins, Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic beaches for all tastes from chilled to warm, glaciers of Patagonia and with 2 new ‘wonders of the world’, Machu Picchu, Peru and Rio’s Christ statue, Brazil. South America can be a lifetime addiction!