Welcome to Sumba Island

Indonesia has over 17,000 islands, not only beautiful Bali, but also many pristine yet exciting islands.

Sumba Island is 2 times larger than Bali, which has an area of 11,060 square kilometres but almost isolated from urban development. Convenience on the island has not really developed and the roads are dusty, bumpy and long. Population is mostly Christian. It lies south of Sumbawa and Flores and directly facing the Indian Ocean and the island is also a surfer’s paradise. The Island os famous for its arts and handicrafts, particularly the textile “ikat” weaving. Sumba however is not for everyone. Neither the food nor accommodations are up to international standard, yet it has a number of luxury and picturesque hotels.

Waingapu on the northern eastern coast of Sumba is the largest town on the island and its seaport.

The Nihiwatu resort is one of the most famous resorts worldwide which had won many international accolades and Sumba Nautil Resort situated in southwestern part of the Sumba is a favourite among surfers. For those who seek peace and serenity and the chance to watch dolphins playing in the open sea as you sip your morning coffee, the Marion Hotel and Cafe is the place to be.

How to go to Sumba Island?

By Flight
West Sumba is one part of East Nusa Tenggara province which location is only one hour flight to the east of Bali. Sumba is connected by air via the Tambolaka Airport is Southwest Sumba Regency and Umbu Mehang Kunda airport in Waingapu Town, East Sumba Regency.

Most flight to the island depart from Bali, so if you are in another city make sure to get to Bali first or get a connecting flight.

Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air and Nam Air serve daily flight between Bali and Tambolaka.
Wings Air also serves daily flight between Bali and Waingapu
NAM Air serves the flights of Bali-Waingapu 3 times a week.

There are also flights from Kupang and Ende in Flores to Waingapu served by Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air and NAM Air.

How to Travel around Sumba?

No official taxis are available but there will be number of drivers with 4×4 ready to take you and your luggage around.

You can rent motorbikes. Make sure you hire it thru a professional travel guide.

There are local warung on main roads and few western restaurants. But, the best Sumbanese food comes from the ocean and local cuisines. If you can try a village home for lunch or dinner it would be the best chance  to taste local food.

Tarimbang Bay

Sumba is famous for Tarimbang Bay – located in the heart to the east of the island, enchanting guests to enjoy surfing and diving. Not crowded and noisy, you can enjoy the game in the nature surrounding. Tarimbang is beautiful dock with many cliffs with strange shapes right on the beach, and color coral reefs.


Beach here is green and very clean. On the white sand there are some dry trees, which are loved and photographed by a lot of visitors.

Watu Maladong beach is the most striking beach in Sumba Island as it has a magnificent rock formation where you can swim under the arch.

Weekuri Lagoon

Weekuri Lake in the Eastern Nusa Tenggara, Sumba Island is the favourite destination. Unique feature of Weekuri is the salty lake direct infiltration from the sea, surrounded by high mountains and separated with the sea only by a cliff.


Beside the sea, there are mountains in Sumba Island, vast plains  with fertile vegetation grow. Guests can try climbing rocky mountain, camping overnight to watch the stars and enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the sea.

Tanggedu Waterfall

It’s just incredible to see white blue water tucked in a river valley. So picturesque!